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September 27, 2011

The September 3, 2011 Seattle Times had an article titled, “Study shows state’s middle-class jobs not expected to grow.” The three main points of the article were that:

  • Middle class jobs will decrease
  • High-end jobs will increase
  • It will be tougher than ever to get middle to high-end jobs without specific skills or education

It’s nice that high-end jobs are predicted to increase but at what personal cost. Years ago a banker friend lamented that his bank’s latest round of layoffs meant more work for those not downsized. Pleasing stock analysts and treating employees with respect often don’t go together.

And then there are the promotion and salary ceilings. At some point, the majority of middle management executives hit their ceiling and are stuck at the same level. Or, they hit the salary ceiling and their situation becomes what was once described to me by a prospective client as follows, “They will replace me with somebody half my age and one-third of my salary.” Not to mention 10% of his productivity.

For many people the movement of the job market will mean a push towards business ownership. For the person with adequate capital along with management and leadership skills that means buying a mature, profitable business. For many talented people this is the best way to control your life, your financial situation and have the independence you deserve. 

“It’s ALWAYS a good time to buy a business” Richard Parker


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