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I was talking with a friend who’s in his mid-sixties and retired. Our discussion turned to a mutual acquaintance who’s 70 and still working hard. My retired friend shrugged his shoulders and said, “He likes it.”

Liking it is the bottom line, isn’t it? You have to really like what you’re doing whether it’s a job, your own business or retirement.

Business buyers – find a mature, profitable company where you can add value, feel you would enjoy the work and go for it. Choose your passion from the 30,000 foot level, not the “boots on the ground” level. Meaning don’t focus on what is done “in” the business but what you can do “on” the business.

Business sellers – if it’s time to go, it’s time to go. If you’re burned out then get out. Sell at your peak vs. hoping that showing up every day (without passion) will get the business to its peak.

Business owners (non-sellers) – are all your ideas getting implemented? Do you spend too much time on petty issues, refereeing turf battles or working on day-to-day matters vs. growth strategies? If so, get an outside pair of eyes to observe your business and get you on the right track to implementing all those great ideas you have.

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