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Growth Cures a Lot of Ills

By July 24, 2023No Comments

A past client was the president of a major public company. I remember him saying, “Growth hides a lot of operational warts.” This is why growth is such a solid value driver.

Business buyers want to see growth and want to know there are future growth opportunities. Let’s look at some key factors.

  • It starts with the people. If the right team is in place, growth is easier to achieve, with proper guidance. Good people allow you to expand your customer base.
  • Coasting is a double-edged sword. The seller who’s made a lot of money and isn’t working hard needs to convince a buyer growth is achievable (not that the market is saturated).
  • Growth based on price increases (inflationary times) doesn’t mean much compared to selling more units.
  • Revenue is not the only metric. Increasing margins is just as important.

Your pipeline of orders, proposals, etc. is a true leading indicator.

It’s not often easy to grow the way you want to. There are plenty of obstacles. External ones include the macro-economic climate, the competition, and government policies. Internal ones include the people, the planning, resources available, and more. If it was easy, every business would grow like crazy.

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