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The corporate world is changing. More and more people are frustrated with their jobs, the extra work being forced on them (due to the recession) and the lack of appreciation of their efforts and work.

The alternative is to buy a business. A mature, profitable business. Because buying a business is faster, cheaper, safer and easier to finance than starting one. In addition, executives learn the management and leadership skills necessary while in the corporate world and can put them into practice for their own benefit.

Here are five reasons why people want to own a business.

Control your life and business—be the one in charge. Make the decisions you want to make and benefit from them.
Independence—break free from the rules and regulations and have some flexibility in your life. Want to leave early? Want to see your kid’s game or recital? What about taking a vacation when you want, not when it fits in with others on the grid? Successful business owners have all of this and more.
Benefit from your hard work—you work hard, you work smart and the company owners get the benefit whether they be shareholders in a public company or an individual owner. It’s time to work hard and reap your own benefits.
Income—control your income so when you have a good month or year you can increase your salary and/or bonus. Leverage others like you’ve been leveraged and profit from it.
Net worth—business ownership isn’t just about income. You can increase your net worth dramatically by buying a business, putting a nominal amount down on it, paying off the debt with the profits and even if you don’t grow it your net worth has multiplied. Grow the business and it increases even more.

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