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I’m writing this while in Antigua on our annual Rotary Club project and on Sunday we had an off day so a few of us went on a kayaking and snorkeling outing.

As we crossed the bay in a fast moving skiff there were waves of about two feet, with small whitecaps. I commented to my wife that at our lake two-foot waves are usually accompanied by dark skies and we stay off the lake. In Antigua it’s 80, sunny and a great boat ride.

Monday morning as we did an early morning walk on the beach we met a local Rotarian. He comes to the beach daily at sunrise to walk and swim. He told us his wife hasn’t been out yet this year as it’s still too cold. We’re from Seattle; 76 at 7:00 am is not cold. 🙂

As the above life examples show, we all have different perspectives. It’s the same in business; what’s a roadblock to some is a minor speed bump to others. However, too often we let what others think influence us, even though they apply different filters.

It’s why I tell business buyers and sellers that most due diligence is relative. There are very few absolutes. We interpret the rest based on our experience and skills.

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