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Don’t Let it be Labor

By October 11, 2023No Comments

In honor of Labor Day in the US, a holiday to honor workers, let me say if you consider what you do (for work) as laborious you should probably do something else.

I was recently in a local Chinese restaurant we’ve gone to for three decades and got talking with the (second generation) owner. She said she’s been there a long time, I found out her parents started it in the 1980’s, she bought it from them, and she said, “I love it.”

Whether you’re an owner or an employee you should love, or at least really like, what you do. When we talk with business buyers I ask them, “What businesses don’t you want to buy?” The typical answer is no restaurant, no retail, and often the buyer will add, no construction.

All those business types make sense (to not buy) if you don’t have experience. But if you do…

You’ll be like my friends who own or run restaurants, all with multiple locations. As one of them, who’s been the CEO of a few restaurant groups, told me, “Hospitality gets in your blood.”

Make sure whatever you do is in your blood so it’s enjoyable.

“No one loves anything they’re miserable chained to>” Sarah Adams

“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” Coco Chanel