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Ever notice how at some gas stations, especially in small towns, the station also serves food and the placards on the pumps show pictures of whatever grease-bomb sandwiches they are currently pushing?

After seeing a bunch of these on a trip I commented to my wife, “Don’t eat at gas stations.” To me it just doesn’t seem like the kind of place I want to get food. My personal tastes lead me to not want processed ingredients, deep-fried an hour or two ago, and kept under a heat lamp.

It’s not just cheap food. Want jeans that will last, get Levi’s, Carrhart, or even Kirkland brand. Not $8 jeans from Discount Dive. Hope your souvenir tee-shirt lasts more than a couple washings? Spend $25 instead of the three for $10 special.

Want your business to thrive? Hire great people, not just bodies. Use the best advisors for your circumstances. Sell only to good customers, forget the deal seekers, overly price conscious, and whiners.

The same applies in my specialties. Want to sell a business so you can exit with style, grace, and more money? Not only get great advisors, work with me to implement the strategies in my book If They Can Sell Pet Rocks Why Can’t You Sell Your Business (For What You Want)? Want to buy a business and get rich? Wait, my book Buying A Business That Makes You Rich directly addresses that topic (and being rich applies to more than money, it’s also happiness, helping others, adding value, etc.).

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.” Will Rogers


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