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Dollars Wasted

By October 7, 2022No Comments

I read in The Week magazine 17% of streaming ads don’t get seen. The main culprit is people turning off their TV but not exiting their streaming device (Fire Stick, Apple TV box, Roku, etc.). The streaming continues with a dark screen and advertisers are given misleading figures.

But let’s face it, most messages don’t get seen or heard and if they are seen or heard, many people don’t pay attention to them. This is why good ads are creative and get the message across. Think about this in terms of small business.

We in small business don’t have the budgets of large corporations so what we try to generate is “Word of Mouth” marketing buzz. Actually, this is the best marketing there is. A referral from someone you know is great. A past client telling someone, “You need to work with John” is the best (notice I wrote ‘work with’ not just ‘call’).

In the buy-sell world it’s constant approaches whether it’s ads on websites, updates to our network, or directly contacting prospective buyers or sellers. I have many examples of a match being made after four, five, or six contacts.

Back to the 17%, I know some of you getting this look forward to seeing it every Tuesday morning (you’ve told me). I’m sure a lot of people are like me and sometimes I don’t have time to read someone else’s newsletter, but I see and remember they sent it to me. And of course, some people on every list don’t even look at it.

This is why all types of marketing have to be consistent and constant. You can be consistent with something once a year but that’s not constant enough. It has to be a fit between the two.

“Aren’t all orchestras just giant cover bands” (Comedian) Micky Overman

“We relish news of our heroes, forgetting that we are extraordinary to somebody too.” Helen Hayes