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I was enjoying dinner with an old friend (Bob) and somehow we got on a topic of people with contradictory behaviors. It seems we both have friends who:

  1. Have been helped in the past by unemployment insurance.
  2. Work for the government and therefore get their paycheck and benefits from Uncle Sam.
  3. Are active, extremely active, in the Tea Party.

This is not a political commentary. It is a commentary on contradictory behavior. The Tea Party, to the best of my knowledge, stands for smaller government, fewer government workers and reigning in government benefits, pay and overall costs.

Is your business sending a contradictory message to anybody, whether it’s employees, customers or vendors? Are you saying one thing and doing another?

What about those of you who are business sellers, or soon will be? Are you presenting an image, systems or processes that can’t and won’t be confirmed during due diligence?

It just might be time to make sure your message and actions are in sync.

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