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Smart business buyers know what they’re looking for. This isn’t like going clothes shopping and seeing that “just right” shirt, dress, pair of shoes, etc. This is making what is often the largest investment in your life.

Having a large playing field is advisable. Don’t severely limit the number of industries on your selection list. Rather, define the features a business should have to make you happy to come to work every day. This could be the type of people on your management team, the way customers are attracted, the type of customers, what you do on a daily basis and more.

Not knowing these things means a great business could sneak by you because you weren’t really sure what you’re looking for. A lot of great deals have happened because the buyer knew where they could add value and were on the hunt for those specific situations.

When you see where you can add real value you will get excited and want to take action (buy that particular company).

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