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We all have agendas, every one of us. First let’s look at a couple in the media and then some in business.

Are you surprised there are bi-partisan bills to forbid members of Congress to actively trade stocks while in office (as they have access to “insider” information)? This trading has been something both very left-wing and very right-wing politicians have been accused of. Of course, will anything happen? 

No surprise, probably not because those responsible for taking the bills to the respective floors are active traders. As we know, their agenda (all their agendas) is to benefit themselves first and their constituents and the country next. 

Then look at the vaccine and related issues (disclaimer, I’ve received two shots). Lots of agendas. 

  • Don’t tell me I have to get a vaccine.
  • Everybody must get a vaccine.
  • Can’t go to public places without a vaccine card.
  • You must wear a mask.
  • You’re ridiculed if you wear a mask.
  • Executive orders circumventing democratic processes (to be in control).

I know people who won’t get a vaccine because of number one above, some who can’t because of chemo treatments, and some who just don’t trust a synthetic vaccine, which really isn’t a vaccine but a “shot” because it doesn’t absolutely prevent Covid like the vaccines for polio, measles, rubella, etc.

And of course we hear about people who cheat to get a fourth (or more) shot even when after it was mandated in Israel ABC news reported, “An Israeli hospital on Monday [January 17, 2022] said preliminary research indicates a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine provides only limited defense against the omicron variant…”

And speaking of vaccine agendas, follow the money. The top investors in Pfizer are Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street. For Moderna it’s about the same with the top investor a British investment firm. Think the push for governments paying for more shots is altruistic? Think there are government employees thinking about leaving government and getting a nice job in pharma or the pharma lobbying industry?

Let’s move to things in our daily business lives. Everybody we deal with has an agenda, some aggressive, some for personal gain, some for business gain.

Employees – Just read the articles on people sabotaging fellow employees for their own benefit and you’ll realize it’s often “all about me.” Career advancement by any way possible is common (but it’s not done by all). Long-term, doing the right thing the right way is more beneficial to career growth.

Advisors – The attorney was a good friend, he had done our wills, we referred business back and forth, and did things socially. I called to ask a yes or no question about a new will, got the answer, and then a bill for over $125 for a “minimum phone call” charge. He lost the job of the new will and future referrals to his firm. Doing the little extra for a client pays off in the long run. 

Customers – A friend shared with me how a long-term customer recently left for a few pennies an item, ignoring that he had provided proprietary (and exclusive) designs, which she wanted to take to a competitor. Good customers value service, quality, and value. 

Business buyers – The good ones, the majority, want a win-win deal. Some want the best deal possible, for (only) themselves, and these are the buyers who rarely, if ever, actually do a deal. It must be too good to be true and sellers are too smart for that. A mature, profitable, and fairly priced business should be the goal. 

Business sellers – Sometimes there’s a huge emphasis on the price, at any cost. The real emphasis should be a fair price from a great buyer. who will let the employees thrive, preserve the legacy, and make any payments due the seller.

Fact it, most of us have agendas, but good agendas don’t make the headlines or cause problems.

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