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Expertise Equals Relationship

By February 28, 2024March 11th, 2024No Comments

Recently I had a meeting with a prospect and after 25 minutes he said, “I’m sure you’ll have an agreement for us. I trust you.”

Now this didn’t only come from our 25 minutes. He had perused our website, listened to podcasts, read blog posts, etc. He concluded I (we) know what the heck we’re doing. Being genuine in the meeting was the tipping point.

Contrast this with our new car shopping experience a few months prior. We were in a local dealership, really liked one model, they had to order it, and we said okay. As we kept looking, we realized their “best” price was not realistic.

When I wrote the salesperson saying we’re going a different direction, he gave the response that gets many people leery of car salespeople. It was, “If I can get a better price for you guys what would that number be?” Why not give the best price upfront?

It’s why Carvana is popular, no haggling. Tesla is the same, the price is the price whether you order online, in a dealership, etc. There’s trust that you’re not going to pay more than the person before or after you.

Your relationship starts before you meet someone. It could be a website, LinkedIn, blogs, books, etc. It all matters.

“By the time a man realizes that his father was right, he has a son who thinks he’s wrong.” Charles Wadsworth