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Labor Day, our second “New Year’s” as schools are back in session, vacation season is over, summer is winding down, football season is starting, and people feel renewed.

I learned very early in my current business people will put off big decisions (buy a company, sell a company, implement major initiatives, etc.) during the summer and the holiday season. There’s too much other stuff going on, whether it’s your stuff or your employees stuff (meaning there’s more time off during the summer than the rest of the year).

Labor Day was originally to honor the working class. While unions still play up this fact, for most people it’s the last hurrah of summer. In business it can be, “Now we can get some things done!”

So what do you want to get done between now and the end of the year? In my world I see the following:

Business owners start seriously thinking about their next great adventure in life. (Hint, time to read my book, If They Can Sell Pet Rocks Why Can’t You Sell Your Business (For What You Want)?) An owner who wants to sell in 2017 should take the next six months and start doing all the things recommended in my book (versus just “putting it on the market” as-is).

Business buyers typically get active. Most erroneously believe they can start in September and close by December 31 but that’s okay. Optimism is always good. Being our second renewal of the year it’s when we take a little more time to plan and think through what we want. It’s time to take control, create independence, and create self-wealth versus shareholder wealth. Or, to buy another company to leapfrog the competition. (Another hint, read my book Buying a Business That Makes You Rich.)

Owners looking to grow will take the necessary steps. Judging by the number of people in my class on growing a consulting business 10 days ago there will be more people taking control of their life in this manner.

All in all, it’s a time of action.

“The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day. After all, a movement is only people moving.” Gloria Steinem

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