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90+ Rated Wines are Not an Overnight Sensation
Businesses Also Aren’t

Projections are Meaningless


Improved Education = More and Better Employees

Planning to Sell Your Business – Here are Some Important Tips

Double Your Business; Triple Your Price

Leverage Your Competitive Advantage

Business Voyeurism Can Be Fatal

Business Pricing & Low Interest Rates

Business Buyers & Sellers-You Better Understand the Working Capital Adjustor

Cautious & Nosy; That’s Buyers & Banks

The Value of the Sellability Score

AAA – Assumptions, Adjustments & Add-backs

Who is Your Logical Buyer

The Most Important Thing a Seller Can Say to a Buyer

Business Sellers Should Act Like Home Sellers

SBA Loans Benefit the Buyer, Bank and Especially the Seller

Don’t Do Anything Below Your Paygrade

Exploit Your Competitive Advantage and Thrive

Business Lessons From Service Projects


What’s Your Business Worth – Cash Flow Terminology

ACTION Plan to Sell Your Business

Details, Details, Details – Which to Ignore?

Seven Rules on Exiting Your Business

Sellers Beware: How to Spot a Fake Business Buyer

Ten Reasons to Grow by Acquisition

Poor Financial Systems Can Kill Your Business

Getting Your Business out of a Rut

Grow your Business to Increase your Exit Strategy Options

Finding your Passion when Buying a Business

Examples of Businesses Not Ready for Sale

Buying a Business? Build Relationships and Always Trust your Gut Feel

Want to Increase Your Company’s Value – Systems and Checklists Will Help