I want you to know I would come to you again, without hesitation, to use your services, because of the way you won my trust and confidence in every phase of our work. Thank you again for your excellent work.

John Hoyt, President Picture Source, Inc. Seattle, WA

I help CEOs and owners make better decisions and implement strategies faster in order to improve performance.

My partner’s feet are blistered from being held to the fire. But he doesn’t mind because your ideas work.

Paul Clark, President, Seattle Publishing, Everett, WA

I help people identify and solve problems faster.

John, your help was invaluable. I can’t imagine the process going any smoother. The plan you assisted me with worked – that’s a powerful statement, isn’t it? One of the best investments I ever made was hiring you.

Alex Johnson, Business Strategy Consulting, Bellevue, WA

I help my clients reduce their workload through influencing skills.

You have made me a stronger leader helped me increase my staffs’ development, accountability and cohesiveness and increased my focus. All of this has increased my sanity

Sallie Neillie, CEO, King County Project Access, Seattle, WA

I help clients leverage alliances to enhance opportunities.

The ability to have you available to use as a sounding board to toss things around with when things got tense and emotional proved to be a benefit for me.

Matthew Finnigan, President, National Concrete Cutting, Fife, WA

Why work with John?

  • I’m an outside set of eyes and ears; I’m not drinking the group’s Kool-Aid
  • I provide non-judgmental advice and common sense
  • I ask provocative questions and quickly see the issues, distill them and provide ideas and solutions
  • I’ll pushback when it’s appropriate
  • Expertise in seeing problems (I have a lot of buy-sell due diligence experience) and problem solving
  • Keeping you above the fray and focused on working on the organization not in it so you stay grounded