I was interviewed by my friend Ted Leverette on reviving troubled deals. Hear my tips, which are actual case studies not theory.

This is a recording of my segment on a webinar put on by Partner On-Call Network for searchers. Warning signs for buyers and avoiding them.

The Paycheck Protection Program had no need-qualifier questions so there’s no difference between devastated businesses and businesses not affected by the pandemic when it comes to receiving money. Hear more on this podcast.

Pain is prevalent in the middle (we hope it’s the middle) of the COVID-19 pandemic. It manifests itself in different ways for different people and to widely varying degrees. Listen for insights into how we deal with it, make decisions, and my thoughts on the SMB world and future buy-sell deals. Plus a special offer for no-charge counsel.

One of the most gratifying feelings we get from our clients is seeing and hearing their excitement and enthusiasm after a buy-sell deal closes. It’s truly their next great adventure in life – and they’re lovin’ it.

There’s an emphasis on exit planning for owners (including my book, If They Can Sell Pet Rocks Why Can’t You Sell Your Business (For What You Want?)). What about preparation for buyers so they don’t sabotage themselves? That’s where we come into play!

Buyers rarely have direct industry experience. Hear why it’s not important to be an industry expert, just like why a majority of major league hitting coaches played very little or never playing in the majors.

Sticky customers are the best. They want to do business with you repeatedly, business buyers like it, and so should sellers as it increases value.

Our marketing plan and portfolio is our bird feeder. Birds are attracted to the food in the feeder and our customers need to be attracted to us, by what we do to spread the word.

Whether it’s a business seller believing their business is better than the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen or buyers wanting perfection, attitudes have to change to get a deal done.

Why my dog’s love of bananas is an indicator of doing business the right way.

When Word of Mouth Isn’t Enough covers why businesses need to do more than be proud of doing no marketing or sales, as in , “It’s all word of mouth marketing.”

Employees quitting their jobs is at a very high level, which is why it’s important to be able to attract and retain great people

Drinking From the Faucet

Build on Your Good Habits; Discard the Bad

The Who (the band) and Your Business

Over-leverage – A Kiss of Death in a Buy-Sell Deal

The Magic Question – What Does the Owner Do?

Business Buyers – Think Small, But Not Too Small

Why Grow By Acquisition – Three Reasons

Why Buy a Business?

The Murky Ground (Of Fake Numbers)

An ACTION(tm) plan to sell a business
ACTION plan to sell

The benefits to buying a business – Volume one
Benefits to buying a business one

The benefits to buying a business – Volume two
Benefits to buying a business two

The importance of buy-sell statistics
Buy Sell Statistics and Their Importance