It’s Refreshing – The Enthusiasm New Buyers & Sellers Have

One of the most gratifying feelings we get from our clients is seeing and hearing their excitement and enthusiasm after a buy-sell deal closes. It’s truly their next great adventure in life – and they’re lovin’ it.

Preparing a Business Buyer to Buy

There’s an emphasis on exit planning for owners (including my book, If They Can Sell Pet Rocks Why Can’t You Sell Your Business (For What You Want?)). What about preparation for buyers so they don’t sabotage themselves? That’s where we come into play!

Podcast – Naive Sellers and Fussy Buyers

Whether it’s a business seller believing their business is better than the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen or buyers wanting perfection, attitudes have to change to get a deal done.


When Word of Mouth Isn’t Enough

On this podcast I discuss why word of mouth marketing isn’t always enough, even though it’s great, necessary, and I believe in it.

When the Employees are Quitting the Economy is Hot

When employees feed confident they’ll quit their job to get another one. 2015-2018 employee quits are up 30% and it’s why it’s important to attract and retain great people.